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Top 10 most popular cars in Australia

Australia is one of the countries that enjoy driving cars a lot. There are a variety of cars in Australia, making it potential market destination for most automotive industries across the world. The automotive industry in Australia is fast growing, paving way for new inventions and more improved designs. Technology in the automotive industry has been developing year in, year out leading to production of highly sophisticated cars that withstand numerous road challenges. The list of top most popular cars in Australia has been changing yearly due to the stiff competition from car manufacturers. Popular car designs.most popular cars

Most new car buyers fancy small and compact vehicles because they are easy to maintain and are flexible. More buyers look for family sized vehicles that will allow them enjoy rides with their families. Small vehicles has been ruling the Australian market for quite a long time, making it the most preferred and popular design in Australia. Four wheel drive vehicles is another model that tops the most preferred vehicle designs in Australia. Due to the nature of the terrains and roads in Australia, four wheel drive vehicles are fancied alot. List of ten popular cars in Australia.

  1. Toyota Hillux.
    Toyota Hillux is a vehicle which is suitable for all weather roads and is able to carry heavy loads. It has a hard body feature making it to withstand numerous road challenges.
  2. Nissan Navara.
    These is a car suitable for family rides due to its size. It has an attractive appearance attracting many people.
  3. Toyota Corrola.
    It has a 4 – cylinder engine with a inter cooler turbo charge that makes it a speed master on the road. It is fuel economical which explains it’s popularity among many people in Australia.
  4. Mazda 3
    Mazda 3, is a stylish and most comfortable car in the Australian market. It has numerous interior features with speaker touch screen stereo which comes with bluetooth.
  5. Toyota Camry.
    With it’s beautifully designed body appearance, Toyota Camry is equiped with an automatic air conditioners to regulate heat inside the car.
  6. Toyota Yarris.
    This is a sporty model of a car with a high speed and is built with 16 inch alloy rims to withstand the tarmac roads.
  7. Holden Cruze.
    Holden Cruze has a powerful engine making it enjoy a great road performance. These makes it popular among many people.
  8. Holden Commodore.
    These model comes with a hard-body and very comfortable interior seats.
  9. Hyundai i30.
    Hyundai i30, has and extra speed performance and a large engine capacity which makes it more powerful.
  10. Mazda 2.
    It is a model with the most attractive look and is equipped with a unique rear parking sensor.These is the ten most popular cars in Australia.

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Toyota Corolla

The Top Most Popular Cars In The World

Many cars have come and gone while many others have withstood the test of time. However, only some have been so popular globally. The most popular cars have come from different countries such as Japan, USA and Germany among others, and from different automobile companies such as Toyota, Honda, Ford and Volkswagen. Some of the most popular cars in the world include

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla has been one of the most popular cars in the world and among the best-selling. The car was introduced in the market in 1966. It’s manufactured in more than sixteen different countries across the world and it’s estimated that one is sold every 40 seconds.

Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf is a German product that ranks among the most popular cars globally. It was introduced in 1974 has been sold ever since with an increasing popularity. It was the first car that successfully replaced the VW Beetle.

Ford F-Series

This ranks as the most popular track in the world. It’s a USA product introduced in 1948. It has been the best-selling auto mobile for more than 30 years and more than 35 years as the best-selling truck. Its popularity is only rivalled by Toyota Hilux among trucks.

Volkswagen Jetta

Compact saloons are some of the most popular vehicles in the world. Jetta has been the outstanding among them with an incredible popularity globally as it ranks among the best-selling cars. It’s estimated to have sold more than 745,000 units across the world and is largely a part of Volkswagen’s plan to become the largest automaker in the world by 2018.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is also one of the most popular cars in the world. It has been among the best selling cars ranking second best in 2014.

Honda Civic

Another car from Japan that has managed to remain very popular globally in spite of the natural disasters in Japan. It came to the market in 1972 and has sold over 20 million units across the world. In fact in 2010, Honda Civic were reported as the second most stolen vehicle in US.

Volkswagen Passat

This is a German product introduced in 1973. It has sold over 16 million units globally. However the Passat has changed names over the years with its previous names being Quantum, Santana and Dasher.

Hyundai Elantra

This is the only Korean-built car that has managed to be among the most popular cars in the world. It’s mainly popular in America where it’s built but it’s also produced in Korea, Taiwan, China and India.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is also one of the most popular cars in the world and best-selling among the Fords. It’s currently leading the way in Ford’s latest global development strategy.

Honda Accord

The Accord has been very popular the world and mainly in USA where it has been the top selling Japanese car for more than 15 years. It was introduced in 1976 and has sold over 17 million units.

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Most Popular Cars In Dubai

Dubai is known to be home to the best and classy cars than any other town. They have a very active automotive industry which inject a lot of manpower and technology to acquire the most outstanding car models in the world.

The automotive industry in Dubai is steadily growing each year making it break sales records nearly each year. Many auto brands in Dubai have been successful after carrying out business in the country for a couple of years. The overflow of technology in the automotive industry in Dubai, has greatly contributed to the success of these companies.

There is high sophistication in production of cars in Dubai, increasing volume of production and increasing sales. Dubai is considered to be a city with a good taste for cars. It is home to many classy cars providing a competitive market for cars all over the world. There are some types of cars which are more popular with nearly all the locals in Dubai. These include;

BMW X5. BMW has been hinting the streets of Dubai for quite a long time in the history of automotive industry in Dubai. They have once achieved the best annual sales result in Dubai by breaking a record sales in 2013.

BMW X5 was unveiled in 1999. It has hit the markets in Dubai and all over the world due to its magnificent features it possesses.BMW X5

These features include;

  • It is powered by an inter-cooler turbo charge premium unleaded, to provide an exceptionally high driving speed.
  • It is more lighter and more fuel efficient compared to other cars.- Has an attractive sportier look with flawless performance.

Mercedes SL63. Mercedes SL63, enjoys a great deal of popularity in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates. It has deeply dug it’s roots into the countries automotive industry recording a significant growth in the cars outlook and design. Mercedes SL63, is a very luxurious car with a comfortable interior and many features that makes it a favorite choice for many people. Mercedes SL63Toyota Corolla. Toyota Corolla tops the list of the most preferred and favorite cars in Dubai and the world at large. It’s success ressd in long term planning and technological improvement that this car has undergone. Toyota Corolla enjoys a great breakthrough in fuel economy, giving Toyota Corolla a lead in the hybrid technology. Toyota Corolla hybridIt comes with the following features;

  • 4- cylinder engine making it a high performance road master and aids in fuel economy.
  • It has 16 inch alloy rims that makes it last longer and improves exterior attractiveness of the car.
  • It has a rear parking sensor and automatic air conditioning. These are the most popular and most preferred cars in Dubai that are mostly in the streets of Dubai.

15 Craziest Cars To See At Dubai International Motor Show

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Toyota HiLux review

A Honest Toyota HiLux Review

2015 Toyota HiLux is a new and classic car that people today enjoy whenever they want to buy that quality ride from the market. This car will have some of the best features that you can choose especially when you need a cool car from the shopping outlets. When you select it, you will be sure you buy a good quality car within the market.Toyota HiLux review

The cars price and the date of release

This new Toyota HiLux car will be in the market by December year 2015 for sale for those people who will need powerful and excellence car. Its price will range from $35,300 and $ 38,250 after its release thus making it one of the best deals you would ever have within the market. However, when you need more specs, you are likely to pay more thus making it one of the best cars in the whole of the market.

The Car’s engine and fuel consumption

The Toyota HiLux model will have a powerful engine capable of producing over 290 hp of energy and torque of 380 lb-ft . This means, you will be able to drive the car at higher speeds especially when you need the best car model. The engine has been modified to consume less fuel when compared to others that you would get from the market. You will also save more than 20 percent on fuel when compared to other previous models.

What about the performance of the car?

This Toyota HiLux car will have some of the best features when you need that ride you would get from the market. You will be sure that you would buy a quality car when you want that perfection within the whole of the shopping markets. Rumors have it that this will be among some of the best cars that you would buy when you need quality. This car will be able to accelerate to speed of 60 miles from still point in a period of 10.99 seconds. This would make it among the fastest Toyota HiLux cars selling in the market today when you need a good quality car.

On the exterior and interior specs of the car

This Toyota HiLux will have a new design that would differentiate it from other models currently selling in the market. Its interior will also spacious fitted with spongy seats and modern music system. You will enjoy driving the car.

In conclusion, the above Toyota HiLux review will help you make an informed choice before buying the car.

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Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla Car Review

How often do you think that Toyota’s flagship model, the Corolla, can be reinvented and improved upon? This writer for one is constantly amazed at where Toyota has been able to take this car. Sure it has the same name, but aside from that the newly released Corolla wagon has very little in common with its sedan and hatch sibling.Toyota Corolla

While the sedan and hatch released back in April last year are designed for the international market, the wagon is sourced purely from the Japanese domestic assembly line and is built on the previous model Corolla wagon platform.

In an exclusive deal, much to the delight of Kiwi drivers, New Zealand is the only destination for this new Corolla model outside of Japan. It’s an important model for Toyota New Zealand, with sales of the wagon making up approximately twenty percent of total Toyota Corolla’s sold.

There’s no doubt that the model in any shape or form then is exciting news for the Toyota NZ marketing team, since sales of the wagon will assist in keeping the car giant leading the sales charts for the 20th year.

The new wagon is also a great deal more than just a revamp of its predecessor model. The engine has been downgraded from a 100kW producing 1.8-litre engine to a Variable Valve 81kW producing 1.5-litre power plant, taken from Toyota’s popular small car the Yaris.

For drivers conscious of saving fuel and cutting emissions, fuel consumption on 91 Octane is estimated at around 5.8 liters per 100km, while CO2 emissions are 135g/km when tested to Japanese standards. While five-speed manual is the only transmission offered, the engine is compatible with a 10 percent ethanol blended fuel, making it an excellent choice for future proofing your fuel options.

The recommended retail price for the wagon is a mere $25,990, which has been cut by more than $6,300 in a bid to stay competitive and affordable.

Offering a host of great safety features including the standard Anti Locking Brakes, Brake Assist, Electronic Brake-force Distribution and driver and passenger front airbags, other improvements to this newer model range from retractable and heated outside mirrors and multi-information driver display, to one-touch fold down rear seat, one-touch power windows, and telescopic and electronic power steering. Child restraint Tether anchors and ISO fixing points are located on the outside rear seating positions.

One of the only disadvantages of sourcing from Japan’s domestic market is that the rear centre seat belt is lap only and because the new Toyota wagon is designed specifically for the Japanese home market, Toyota NZ is not offering a genuine tow bar as an accessory add-on because they are not able to provide tow rating figures .

While being more fuel efficient and undoubtedly a step ahead technology wise the lower power engine in the new model mean owners of previous wagon models should exercise caution and assess their existing needs rather than assume the new model will be able to do all the same jobs.

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Mitsubishi Magna

Mitsubishi Magna Review: 2015

The Mitsubishi Magna is a medium sized vehicle that was manufactured from 1985 to 2005 by Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL). All the products were built in Adelaide and the initial products being Australian products. However, as time pass by the products shifted to associate with Japanese Mitsubishi models. Mitsubishi Verada was the first Australian model to be sold and exported at the world market. The car was of its uniqueness because of tiptronic transmissions and all-wheel drive. Here is are some of the few and interesting features of Mitsubishi Magna:Mitsubishi Magna

Engine Specs and Performance

Over time and time there have been different generations of Mitsubishi Magna;

  • The first generation of 1985-1991.

This generation had featured big-bore V4 engine with 2.6 Astron two 8-valve 4-cylinder engine capacities. This engine had an output of 85kW. Its fuel consumption being 11.0L per 100 km on a tarmac road and 7.8 per 100 km on an open road.

  • Second generation (1991-1996)

Had 2.5L V4 engine capacity and had two output options; 98kW of power and 212Nm torgue, output of 102kw; second option of 102kW and 220Nm.

  • Third generation(1996-2005)

Had three engine options; first with 4-cylinder engine with 2.4L cylinder producing 105kW and 205Nm. Secondly is 3.0L V6 engine capacity and an output of 140kW and 255Nm and the last one of 3.5L with an output over 143kW and 296Nm.

Standard Equipment and Options For Mitsubishi Magna

Mitsubishi Magna is design with so much love and equipment fitted on it. The equipments range from luxurious versions of alloy wheels, metallic paint, powerful windows to central locking of the doors and windows. The car has four nice speakers; powerful steering and well set mirrors to aid the driver when driving. More so, is the Altera trimming which is an added air-conditioning, the cruise control and up to date air bags ADS.

Mitsubishi Magna’s Competition

Since the production by Mitsubishi Magna there has been so much competition arising from Ford and Holden Commodore all of which manufactured wagon designs. Ford the close competitor featured 5.4L V8 engine and output of 290kW and 520Nm. While Commodore competitor which featured a 3.6L V and an output of 172kW. Though Mitsubishi Magna faced high competition it was able to come up with vehicles that meets customer needs.

Rust is one thing for sure that one should be concern of off. Most cars face this problem but with Mitsubishi Magna rust is a seldom a problem. Rust is real as it attacks under the seats, boot lids and fuel filler flap. Mitsubishi Magna is designed to counter rust. The above are the key features that one should be on the watch.

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2012 Hyundai Accent

A review on Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent review of the newly built 2015 model has been the recent talk of the town. Compared to the earlier gen small cars that have been introduced by Hyundai, this sub-compact has much higher configuration and marked improvisations, and the model could be regarded as the best one among the hatchbacks and sedans. With attractive design, higher than moderate performance and remarkable quality, this would be a perfect choice for a car, within the economic reach.

2012 Hyundai Accent
2012 Hyundai Accent

Some of the features of the car is reviewed as below:

  • Design and Style: While the Sedan counterparts remain not as attractive, the Accent hatch-back is smart in its looks. Both the interior as well as the exterior have borrowed the modular designs of the Fluid Structure ethos. The latest update in the present model would be the grille pattern design and use of textural LED’s for the head lamps. One of the variant also has a unique tail-lamp renovation.
  • Performance: With a 1.6L direct compression, 4-cylinder supported engine, the power of the vehicle is around a whopping 140 BHP. Within 10 sec, the car can reach 0 to 60. To make the most of the engine, it needs to be revved above 3.5k r.p.m. The clutch is light and the manual transmission is smooth.
  • Quality and Comfort: Even though the dimensions are compact, the car can easily fit it any passenger around a normal height of six feet, in the back seat. With the four door and five door variants being available, the model is a bit longer compared to the earlier versions. This extra length has provided the opportunity to give a better interior space for the passengers.
  • Safety: Though the safety tests have reported and indicate an underlying drawback in the model, there is no reason of worry or concern. The low scores are a result of the side doors indicating a weakness in the bump test. But, with six safety airbags and the anti lock brakes, the stability of the vehicle is commendable.
  • > Economy of Fuel : Being a manually transmitted hatchback, the Hyundai Accent provides for a great fuel economy. It is designed to suit the fuel expenses of a normal family. The gas tested economy is found to be around 36 m.p.g. on the highway. An extra Eco-active button is provided to train the users to improve the fuel economy.

Except for the sedan drawback, which is dull in its looks and has a small interior space, the Hyundai Accent has come up with a brilliant and innovative model which incorporates the features suiting the trends of the day, while keeping the quality of brand intact. Overall, the exterior is stylish, finish is smooth, headroom is wide, engine is strong and the economy is great.

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Holden Commodore review

Holden Commodore Review

What stand out?

The Holden Commodore happens to be a comfortable and roomy family wagon or sedan, with superb road-holding & the option of a very big V-8 engine. All versions have a self-parking system and revering camera, & the more expensive model can be bought in luxury or sport trim.Holden Commodore review

What might bug you?

  1. Paying for fuel—(if you happen to use the performance)
  2. Less than stellar-resale on some models
  3. You can squeeze long luggage or object into the car’s boot—(the sedan’s seat-back do not fold).

What body designs are there?

Wagon and sedan. Both are rear wheel drive.

The Commodore is categorized as a large vehicle, lower priced.

What features do all Holden Commodore have?

Headlamps and cruise control that automatically switch when it’s dark.

Dual-zone air conditioning, which lets the driver & passenger to independently set temperatures.

A self-parking system and a reversing camera which help steer the vehicle into a parking lot.

Bluetooth connectivity, color touch screen and a Smartphone app for music & other functions.

Trailer sways control that operates the engine & brakes automatically so as to dampen oscillation.

Types of engines

The smallest is 3.0-litre V6 happens to be the less expensive Holden Commodore__the Evoke, fuel consumption is 8.9-litres per 100 km.

Whilst even the V-6 engine is agile, there are 2 bigger engines that always feel more comfortable and relaxed on the super-highway & make easier the work of hauling or pulling a boat or caravan.

The 3.6-litre V-6 offers about 20% more power with a zing that is attached to the exhaust-note.

The V-8 is the performance standout___In many driving-conditions, its 6.0 liters can lazily punch-oou twice as much urge and energy as the smaller V-6.

What are the key features?

The evoke model is the only Holden without a spare tyre— it comes with a kit for puncture repair.

Wheels grow to eighteen inches and support lower and wider profile tyre, for more grip & more responsive steering. There is a stiffer, “sports” suspension setup, leather wrapped steering wheels and LED running lights.

What about safety measures in a Holden Commodore?

The car comes with a complete suite of auto-dipping headlights, air bags & a reversing camera.

The SS-V and Calais V Redline gadget warn if the vehicle wanders or gets out of its designated lanes. Another alert-beeps if a bike or a car is in a blind spot when you want to change lanes.

Last but not least the front collision alert on SS-V and Calais V Redline warns of an impending-crash. The ANVAP-Australian New Vehicle Assessment Program awarded the Holden its maximum safety measures rating, 5 stars.

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Holden Astra review

Holden Astra Review

Holden Astra reviewWhile conducting research about the 2016 model of the Holden Astra, a dramatic story unfolded about a company that changed, adapted, innovated and manufactured Holden vehicles and has done so as subsidy of General Motors (Chevrolet) for 70 years. Holden vehicles have been the top brand of car for Australia ever since. GM Holden Ltd was one of General Motors best investments. Using Holden innovation, Chevy cars have used many of the precision features produced originally for Holden drives. Rugged has gone the way of luxury when it comes to the new Holden Astra model. Here are many of the exciting features the 2016 Astra model has to offer. As the Holden website teaser suggest, “Be prepared to be thrilled.”

After its 7 year absence the Astra has come back looking to bring a new definition of sleek to all drivers. Although switching to a more fuel efficient engine, the Astra will be Australia’s new vehicle that will aim to sway the car buyers who are interested in comfort. The 5-door, 4 doors and a hatchback by Holden. Holden Auto direct involvement with the development of the new Astra that is is made with Australians in mind. There are preferences and conditions that only Australian drivers require. When it comes to comfort and stability, the Holden Astra will be a car that will suit drivers of many nations.

At 437 cm long, the new Astra is 50 cm shorter than the original versions, yet this slight difference translates to extra legroom in the rear seat compartment. The overall height of the vehicle decreased slightly, but reviews state that there is still an average amount of headroom for the people seated in the back. The rear compartment is a bench seat and the upholstery can be upgraded with different packages. Four adults could comfortably ride in the Holden Astra and the fifth person will still say, “Thanks for the ride.”

For further information about the all-new Holden Astra look for the virtual tour on Holden Motors site. There is much praise for the sleek and creative 5-door hatchback sedan. Not every country has its own car brand, Australia does GM Holden Ltd.

Features are based on GTC model:

  • Engine and Transmission
  • 1.6 litre Direct Injection Turbo 4-cylinder engine
  • 6-speed manual transmission
  • Design
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Traction Control
  • 18” alloy wheels
  • Technology
  • MyLink information/entertainment infotainment system
  • 7” Colour display screen
  • Bluetooth phone and audio
  • adaptive LED matrix headlights
  • Safety
  • Received 5-Star ANCAP Rating
  • Daytime Running Lamps
  • Equipped with 6 airbags
  • Fuel Economy
  • 6.9L/100km

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2015 Ford Falcon review

2015 Ford Falcon

2015 Ford Falcon reviewWith this new arrival of this design, Ford has tuned out to be the business sector entirely secure and earnestly. New 2015 Ford Falcon got various redesigns through streamlined features, helped quickening and vastly improved programmed transmission. Visual delineation of new 2015 Ford Falcon was gotten Sydney a year before, when they reported their new designs for 2015.

Design of new Falcon

Undeniably, this design has the lessening advance, and the assembling of this design still keeps on being suspicious. Portage has an unbreakable assertion fabricating vehicles in Australia by 2016 because of money related speculation collaboration course of action with the Australian government. Redesigned 2015 Falcon was changed for the vastly improved, as redesigned fronts lights, grille and guard.

2015 Ford Falcon Specs

The as of now specified upgraded streamlined features brand-new Falcon has better efficiency and diminished CO2 discharges. New 2015 Ford Falcon is supplied in 7 distinctive trim levels and is partitioned into 3 unique gatherings, for example, Base, G Series and XR. To place it simply: the XR brandishing exercises variations and G set are premium top of the line decisions. When it relates to designs: G6E Turbo, G6E,XR6 , XR8, XT XR6 and G6 Turbo. Base Falcon Ute, R6, XR8, XR6 Turbo and XR6 UTE are variants. Each of these renditions have an incredible arrangement in like manner and most of the qualifications that they generally decided. One of the family’s better individuals Ford Falcon is totally a G6 turbo.

Rich inside, high accommodation and having 8– inch touch screen, a sound gadget with eight speakers, Bluetooth, double zone aerating and cooling, switching camera and satellite site route make this wonderful car. The brand-new 2015 Ford Falcon will be fueled with 4.0 liter turbo engine, which set up force of 270 hp and 533 Nm of torque. Security is at an abnormal state, notwithstanding officially got 5 geniuses, wellbeing still updated to a computerized brake weight dissemination, dependability control with wheeling control.

2015 Ford Falcon Release Date and Price

2015 Ford Falcon Release Date – The imaginative 2015 Ford Falcon genuinely must cost around $80000 In agreement with the affirmations out there will totally seem all through mid-2014 You will discover drivels the new Falcon isn’t for the most part going to consistently be a cure just for the Australia business focus however are passing by be offered within the business division sections from Asia in like way considering that the America, Australia and Canada. much thanks to you for read 2015 Ford Falcon Redesign. If you are thinking of new auto think of Ford Falcon.

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